Star Wars Identities: May the force (to go) be with you

I think I missed the boat with the Star Wars obsession everyone seems to have, as not watching the films as a child means I lack the sentimental connection to the franchise. My boyfriend, however, would leave me for Star Wars, if Star Wars were a person. So, as our birthday season rolled around in late-June, a visit to the Star Wars Identities exhibition at The O2 seemed like the perfect present to give him.

The word ‘exhibition’ automatically made me assume it would just be a ‘walk around and look at the collections’ kind of job, but after being given an earpiece and an electronic wristband each upon arrival, followed by a quick introduction and a video to watch we realised this was going to be a lot more interactive than expected.

Broken up into ten components, throughout the exhibition you explore¬†species, genes, parents, culture, mentors, friends, events, occupation, personality, and values. Each section houses different props and memorabilia from the films, a video related to the section you’re in, and has a task to complete with your swanky wristband which will form your final Star Wars identity.

Yoda at the Star Wars Identities exhibition
Little green Yoda, hairy he is

You don’t have to be a huge fan of the films to enjoy the exhibition at all, as it’s hard to not be impressed by the amount and quality of the collection on show. There’s 200 original costumes, props, models, and pieces of artwork to see, many of which have never been on display anywhere else. I naturally get quite excited when I see anything from the TV in real life, regardless of where it’s from, so I found it all pretty cool.

The gold bikini at the Star Wars Identities exhibition
The cause of every man’s first wet dream

There’s also a huge element of psychology to the whole thing, which is probably why I loved it so much. In each section there’s a video to watch which explains the concept behind the component and how it affects us as people, with clips from the films given as related examples. The focus is on Luke and Anakin Skywalker, and we see the importance of genetics, upbringing, friends and mentors, and other factors in human development, which helps us to understand why they became who they are.

Personality task at the Star Wars Identities exhibition
Let’s get psychological

The teachings of the exhibition give you something to think about on a personal level, as well as in the grand scheme of Star Wars, which makes it incredibly interesting. Everything within the components has something you can apply to your own life, or can recognise from any sociopaths you’ve crossed paths with in your time.

In each section, you complete the identity task using your wristband on an interactive screen. These tasks range from answering a few questions on a small screen to picking one option from a huge wall of Star Wars features, each of which adds up to your Star Wars identity which is shown at the end just after you’re enticed to join the dark side.

I don’t know much about Star Wars as I fell asleep during almost every film, so I went a bit haywire with mine and ended up as Ewok bounty hunter which apparently is quite a hilarious concept.

Samantha profile Ewok bounty hunter
Hello, I’m an Ewok bounty hunter

The exhibition will be at The O2 until Sunday 3rd September, so you haven’t got long left to get in there, but I highly recommend paying a visit while you still can.

The verdict: 10/10

Darth Vader at the Star Wars Identities exhibition
Go to the exhibition, or he’ll get you

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